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RCRA Compliance CD Troubleshooting

For nontechnical questions about the CD (e.g., ordering, shipping, content, etc.), please consult our main FAQs.

Opening the CD

Q. The CD does not automatically run when I place it in my CD drive. How do I start it?
A. For Windows: Click on the Start Button and select Run. Type “D:\start.exe” (where “D:” is the drive letter of your CD drive). Click OK.
For Macintosh: Double-click the CD drive icon on your desktop. Click Start.

Q. When Acrobat Reader opens, I receive a message that says: “You cannot currently view Adobe PDF files from within your web browser due to a configuration problem. Would you like Acrobat to fix the configuration?” How do I disable this message?
A. When the message appears, you can uncheck the box that says “Always perform this check when starting Acrobat.” Then click on the No button. Alternatively, you can disable the check in Reader. To do this, select Preferences from the Edit menu. In the Preferences dialog, select Options in the left pane and then uncheck Check Browser Settings When Starting Acrobat.

Q. I am unable to run the CD from a network CD-ROM drive.
A. In order to run the CD from a networked CD-ROM drive, you will need a LAN or WAN license and instructions from McCoy and Associates, Inc. You may contact us at 303-526-2674 or

Q. Acrobat Reader will not run properly on my computer.
A. If you are having problems with Acrobat Reader running on your computer, we suggest that you consult the Adobe Acrobat Support section on Adobe's web site. If you contact McCoy and Associates, we will do everything we can to assist you; however, Adobe is better suited to assist you with Acrobat Reader issues.

Using the CD

For questions regarding use of the CD, please consult the User's Guide on the CD, which explains the use of the CD in detail. If you have already done this and still have questions, contact us at      303-526-2674 or

If you have additional questions, please email us at

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